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Better Together Animal Alliance is an animal welfare organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs, cats, and the people in our community who love them. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with the county or city and receive no tax support.

Located in Ponderay, Idaho, we serve Bonner, Boundary, and Kootenai Counties. Our programs focus on supporting people and their pets to prevent unnecessary owner surrenders, sheltering lost pets, and providing a safe and enriching environment for pets to stay while they wait to find new homes. We assist approximately 2400 stray or surrendered animals every year and over 6000 pets through our community-based programs.

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Mandy G. Evans


Mandy G. Evans is executive director of Better Together Animal Alliance and the Home To Home™ network. Mandy came to animal welfare over 10 years ago as the first executive director for the organization after leaving a career as a professional corporate event planner. She has worked to transcend a fear-based negative environment in which animals were housed instead of adopted, and where the local population expressed what they perceived was a lack of support. Mandy’s love for animal welfare was solidified after her dog, Molly, became paralyzed due to a malformed spine. Instead of euthanizing her, Mandy dedicated herself to providing her with the best life possible. She developed a website for owners of special needs dogs called, My Special Dog and a nonprofit, Molly Inspires which took Mandy and Molly into elementary schools across the nation teaching kids about empathy, kindness and not to be scared of people who are different than you.

Devin Laundrie


Devin joined BTAA in February of 2016 as the director of shelter and medical operations. Devin has worked in veterinary medicine since 2004 in both small and large animal medicine. She excelled in working ON animals but she also wanted to work WITH animals. Devin got to fulfill that desire when she came to BTAA. She has the pleasure of working with cats and dogs, helping to transition them into the next chapter of their lives. Fun fact, Devin was once the medical director at the largest donkey rescue in the US.

Paige McGowan


Paige joined the BTAA team in July 2019 as Development Director where she works with donors to connect their gifts with programs that help animals and people – her dream job! Prior to joining BTAA, Paige worked in public health promoting healthier communities through policy, systems, and environmental approaches. She dreams of a more-kind world for animals and people and her passions are spending time with animals, eating vegetarian food, traveling, and making soap.

Andrea Nagel

Director of Storytelling and Partnerships

Andrea joined BTAA in April 2021 as Director of Storytelling and Partnerships, telling the stories of the people and animals that make BTAA an important and special resource. Prior to joining BTAA, Andrea worked as a communications and public relations specialist for a community-owned regional health care system for 10 years and a journalist prior to that. Andrea has a passion for storytelling, animals, exploring the outdoors, and traveling.

Christi Roberson


Christi began her career at BTAA in spring 2019 as the Volunteer Coordinator. She is now the Animal Care Center Manager ensuring the smooth operations of the reception, feline and canine departments. Christi has been committed to serving the communities she has lived in throughout her entire life. Christi has a great love of being helpful to both the humans and animals within her communities.

Steve Carothers


Steve has over 35 years in the retail business that encompasses a wide range of professional experiences; including launching two retail businesses and serving as regional manager for Goodwill of Central Coast. Steve’s expertise in supply chain management, transportation, and logistics are driving revenues for retail, saving operational costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Kendra Dodge


Kendra started with BTAA in March of 2019 as the Pets for Life Program Manager. She has been dubbed the Mary Poppins of the communities she has served because she always has just what they ask for in her little bag.

Joel Akins


Joel started with BTAA in April, 2021 as the Volunteer & Event Coordinator. He is responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers and coordinating BTAA events. Before coming to BTAA, Joel worked at North Idaho College for eight years as an Event Coordinator before transitioning to Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy as the Admissions Director. Not only is Joel a people person, but his dogs, Ripley and Luna, are both adopted, so animal welfare is an issue very close to home. BTAA’s mission to bring animals and people together is one that he is very passionate about, and he feels very fortunate to be a part of this incredible organization.

Betty Anderson


Betty joined the team at the Better Together Animal Alliance in 2016 as the manager and administrator of their local Home to Home website and Helpline and has a sincere passion for helping and offering support to people and their beloved pets. Her hobbies include spending time with her granddaughter, writing, baking, hiking, biking, kayaking and camping. Betty has always had an appreciation for animals and is proud to have spent the majority of her life on her farm in North Idaho with her husband of 40 years, raising her kids – surrounded in a variety of critters from working farm animals to pets including horses, cattle, rabbits, chickens, geese, sheep, cats and dogs.



Keith Congleton

President of the Board of Directors

Keith first joined the Board of Directors in 2010, and rejoined the Board in 2018 after a two year hiatus in keeping with the Board’s term limit policy. He is currently retired after a forty year career in finance and accounting. He became the Board President in 2020, having previously served two terms as the organization’s Secretary/Treasurer. Keith has been a resident of the Sandpoint area since 1995. While not currently having any pets in the household, in the past he has had numerous dogs and cats, and is especially fond of sporting dogs. He is on a “first name basis” with every dog in the neighborhood, and will probably get his own animal again when having completed his plans for travel.

Cary Kelly

Cary has supported and been involved with the shelter since moving to Bonner County in 1993 when he and his wife adopted two shelter kittens. Cary has been on the BTAA Board since 2016 after he stopped working full time. Cary retired as an officer in the Marine Corps and also served 18 years for the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office and served as a county commissioner for four years. He is currently a trustee of the Lake Pend Oreille School District. Cary has had dogs and cats his entire life and can’t imagine a world without them.

Woody Sherwood

Woody became involved with Better Together Animal Alliance in 2018 as a donor as well as sharing his experience in development work. Woody used to be the executive director of a large nonprofit and a successful business owner so he was happy to lend his talents to BTAA. He feels BTAA is one of the best in class nonprofits and the innovative programs and way of looking at animal welfare makes it easy to support and continue to strengthen the fabric of the community.

Dorrie Francis

Dorrie began serving on the board of directors for the Better Together Animal Alliance in 2019. She has recently expanded their family to include their dog Zelda from BTAA. Dorrie enjoys supporting BTAA by participating in foster programs as well as community outreach. Originally from Florida, Dorrie and her family moved to Sandpoint in 2013 and enjoys spending summers by the water and winters by the heater!

Emma Keverkamp

Emma joined the BTAA board in 2021. Since moving to Sandpoint, Emma has adopted two dogs from BTAA. She is excited to be part of an organization that recognizes the importance of animal/human interaction and how this kind of relationship enhances the lives of each. Emma is highly involved in our community, serving in organizations such as Rotary and Distinguished Young Women.

Seth Levy

Seth joined the BTAA board in 2021. He is a lawyer and partner with an international law firm working primarily with academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. He describes himself as an advocate for holistic services to address the broader issues challenging communities. Because of this, he connected with BTAA’s work in addressing animal welfare needs in a way that helps families, animals and the broader community in proactive and creative ways.

Mark Hon

Mark has been involved as a BTAA board member on and off since 2013 and has worked  in commercial real estate for over 15 years. Animal welfare is very important to Mark. He believes that if we can help who need assistance find a home or help them stay at their current home, it’s a win for everyone. 

Lisa Gerber

Lisa is the former director of marketing at Schweitzer until she left to start her own practice, Big Leap Creative, in 2004. She has assisted with various projects at BTAA over the years and is excited to support BTAA’s mission. She has grown up having pets and thinks a human’s life is enhanced by their existence. 


BTAA is proud to serve the North Idaho region and beyond. We’re nationally recognized for the impact we make in the animal welfare community.


+ Humane Society of the United States Pets for Life Storyteller Award

+ Best Non-Profit Organization 2022, Bonner County Daily Bee

+ Best Thrift Store 2022, Bonner County Daily Bee

+ Best Large Nonprofit in North Idaho 2016, Idaho Nonprofit Center

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