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When you adopt a pet from Better Together Animal Alliance, you’re giving an animal a second chance while also supporting programs to help pets and people in need.

To get started on the adoption process, view the animals available for adoption online or call the animal care center to make an appointment. Our friendly staff will work with you to find the right dog or cat for your home, taking into consideration the medical and/or behavioral needs of the animal.

Please note, to adopt from BTAA, you must be present and at least 18 years of age or older.

After adoption, BTAA will continue to support you and your pet at home. Our pet resource library is full of information that can make your pet’s transition from the shelter to your home as stress-free as possible — including tips and details about BTAA programs and services.


Six months and older: $20
Kittens under six months: $35 or 2 for $60

One year and older: $99
Puppies (under 1 year): $175

Adoption fees include first vaccines, deworming, microchip, spay/neuter, surgery or treatment that is mandatory for the animal’s health prior to adoption, free health exam at a participating veterinary clinic, information on how to care for your adopted pet, help with questions on the adopted animal by our trained staff, and for dogs, a low-cost obedience class provided by Pend Oreille Veterinary Service. Actual value from $300-$450.

included in your adoption

Your adoption fee includes the following: A general physical examination by our veterinary staff.

CATS – Feline Combo vaccine which protects against feline viruses Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia. Kittens may require additional vaccines.

DOGS – Canine Combo vaccine which protects against canine viruses Distemper, Hepatitis caused by canine adenovirus type 1 and type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. Puppies may require additional vaccines. Age appropriate dogs and cats also receive a rabies vaccination whenever possible.

Flea/tick treatment (if needed)
Spay/neuter surgery (if needed)

When you adopt through BTAA, your animal will be microchipped and registered to you at the time of adoption. If at any time you need to verify your pet’s microchip number, please give us a call. Or, if you have the microchip number, you may also look it up through the Pet Microchip Registry. If you ever move, change your phone number or the animal is rehomed with another family, the microchip information will need to be updated.

Please call BTAA at (208) 265-7297 ext. 100 to make changes at any time. It’s free for life! You may also go to Found Animals to make changes to your personal information as needed.


by a participating veterinarian within 14 days of adoption.

While our veterinary staff makes every effort to assess and report the health of your new pet, Better Together Animal Alliance (BTAA) is not a full-service veterinary hospital. Once your adoption is finalized, you will be responsible for all medical bills and decisions regarding your pet. However, if a new health problem (not noted at the time of adoption) develops within 14 days from adoption, you have the option to call our veterinary staff to discuss this and possible treatment options provided by BTAA. If you proceed on your own and agree to diagnostics, treatment or medications recommended by your veterinarian, it will be at your own expense. BTAA will not reimburse you or your veterinarian for medical expenses you may incur. If you have questions about post-adoption care, please call our veterinary staff at (208) 265-7297 ext. 105.