Surrendering a pet.



Before you surrender your pet, consider some other solutions to help you avoid bringing your pet to our Animal Care Center.


This resource is available to the those in our community who are facing challenging circumstances that involve their pets. If you believe that you need to surrender your pet, or are searching for answers, we are here to help. We can help with food, rehoming, and other crisis that families and pets face due to changes in financial, relationship and housing status. Our goal is to help families keep their pets when possible and guide them through the process of relinquishing a pet when necessary. Please call 208-265-7297 ext. 107 for assistance.


Home To Home™ was created by PAS-BTAA to provide a positive and proactive method to rehome pets. BTAA recognizes that surrendering a pet is extremely stressful on the human and the pet. This process provides an alternative that is supportive of the owner during their time of need and helps the pet go from one home to another; thereby avoiding a shelter stay.

The website will direct you in uploading your pet’s profile. The profile will be posted on the Home to Home website and shared on the BTAA Facebook page. Potential adopters will communicate directly with owners regarding their adoptable pet. Owners remain in charge of the entire rehoming process, pets stay out of the shelter avoiding stress and anxiety and adopters get to communicate with owners providing them with the opportunity to learn about their prospective new pet.

Better Together Animal Alliance helps thousands of dogs and cats find loving homes each year. We will accept owner surrendered dogs within Bonner and Boundary Counties regardless of its health, age, breed, or behavior.  Due to our large cat population, we use a managed approach to cat intake. This ensures the health of cats currently in our care and of your cat once brought into the animal care center. At times, we may operate off a waitlist for both cats and dogs in order to effectively help everyone in need. If at any time you are placed on our waitlist, we are happy to supply you with food, litter, other supplies or medical care during this short waiting period.

Community or free-roaming cats are accepted under our TNR Community Cat program where they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped and then returned to their homes where they can live a stress-free life eliminating additional litters of free-roaming cats.

Last year, 99 percent of the animals in our care were placed in homes, reunited with owners, or released to other animal welfare organizations.

We understand that parting ways with an animal can be especially difficult and we’re committed to working with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

Parting ways

Things you will need at the time of surrender:

A driver’s license or another government issued ID. In order for us to accept your pet as a surrender, you will need to provide a valid form of identification at the time of drop off. This allows us to evaluate your pet and move them on to the adoption floor without any holding period. If you cannot provide a valid form of ID, BTAA will process your pet as a stray animal. Each stray animal that BTAA receives is held for 5 business days.  Weekends and holidays do not count towards the stray hold period. BTAA will then follow the intake procedure for a stray animal.

Your pet’s surrender form. We would like to encourage you to print out the Owner Surrender Questionnaire form (links to the form are below) and fill it out in the comfort of your home. This information gives us valuable insight into your pet’s behavior, likes, dislikes and what would be a favorable future home and family. We understand this can be an emotional time. By filling this form out at home, it gives you thoughtful and uninterrupted time that is free from the distractions you may encounter at the animal care center. This form can also be provided at the time of drop off. If you are unable to complete this process prior to coming in, please do not worry.

Canine Owner Surrender Questionnaire

Feline Owner Surrender Questionnaire

Your pet’s veterinary records. If your pet has any veterinary history, a hard copy of your pet’s medical records is greatly appreciated. You may also provide us with your primary veterinarian’s name and phone number where we can call for a transfer of records.

Owner Surrender Fees

Your pet’s surrender fee. The cost to care for and rehome pets can cost hundreds of dollars for each animal. We ask for a small surrender fee to help subsidize this cost.

*Dog Surrender Fee $50.00
*Cat Surrender Fee $30.00
*Litter of Puppies – $70.00 (two or more)
*Litter of Kittens – $50.00 (two or more)