ALERT: Avoid fraudulent fundraisers and caregivers by working with trusted experts.

During times of emergent need, local law enforcement and professional animal welfare organizations such as BTAA are the trusted sources for the care and support of sick or injured animals. Unfortunately, Whenever there is an opportunity to gain financial benefit or take advantage of a situation, some people will attempt to do so. 

Here are some safe guidelines to follow: 

  • Make donations to qualified animal welfare professionals with a 501(c)(3) certification, not individual’s fundraising campaigns. (BTAA is providing all the food and medical care for free. There should be no reason for individuals to fundraise for donations to support an animal they are caring for.)
  • Do not bring found dogs to individuals or private residences. BTAA is accepting dogs into our care and offering a foster program where finders can bring the dog back home with medication, food, and ongoing support.
  • If someone states they are working with BTAA or BCSO, verify. 

If you see or experience concerning behavior online or in the community, report it to Bonner County Sheriff’s Office. 

With your help, we can ensure the safe, ongoing care these special dogs need for a bright, healthy new start.