Better Together Animal Alliance Staff Attend Idaho Regional Animal Welfare Conference

With the support of grant funds from the ASPCA, four team members from BTAA recently attended the Idaho Regional Animal Welfare Conference hosted by the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, ID.

The conference focused on developing and improving veterinary medical protocols in shelters, optimizing operations to help animals find homes faster, improving return-to-owner rates for lost or stray animals, and preserving the mental and physical health of animals in shelters while they wait to be adopted.

With a higher population of animals in care than in the past three years, ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of animals is BTAA’s number one priority.

“Our attendance will positively impact how we operate within our capacity for care, implement pathway planning protocols to help animals find homes faster, perform daily rounds, reunite lost pets with their owners, and increase fostering opportunities,” explained Carrie Froyd, BTAA operations director.

BTAA is dedicated to keeping people and pets together, helping pets find loving homes, and returning lost pets to their owners as quickly as possible. Best practices for animal welfare are always evolving, and continuing education is essential.

“By making sure our team members have ongoing training opportunities, BTAA remains at the forefront of the science of animal welfare,” noted Mandy Evans, BTAA’s executive director. “The needs of our region’s animals are changing, and that means animal welfare organizations like BTAA have to evolve to make sure people and animals are being cared for with the best available information.”