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Lost or Found: Lost

Date Lost/Found: Jan 18, 2022

Location Last Seen: Cocolalla
Description: Our older Beagle took off from fish creek on cocolalla idaho. She doesn’t usually do this. We are worried sick
Lost or Found: Found

Date Lost/Found: Jan 17, 2022

Location Last Seen: Woodland Dr, Sandpoint
Description: Found cat at my parents house. Off Great Northern, behind the airport. Very friendly! They think she has been hanging around about a week.
Lost or Found: Lost

Date Lost/Found: Jan 2, 2022

Location Last Seen: Sandpoint
Description: My cat went outside on 1/2 before all of the snow, and hasn’t been home since. Please help me find him! He is roughly 13 lbs., has slightly crossed blue eyes, white/ashy gray shorter fur, an exceptionally long tail and a mark on his forehead that looks like a VW logo.. Will respond to Appa, and though he’s a total tease he’s very friendly.
Lost or Found: Lost

Date Lost/Found: Jan 5, 2022

Location Last Seen: Sandpoint. Baldy Mtn road
Description: Lost two male dogs last night. No collars on, we were home at the time. Brindle colors. They are plott hound mastiff boxer mix. Neutered and very nice. Names are Colt and Czar. 2089463896
Lost or Found: Lost

Date Lost/Found: Jan 5, 2022

Location Last Seen: Taken from our Driveway outside of Newport Wa
Description: 3 yo Mini Australian Shepherd and 1.5 yo German Shepherd, great peranese, Anatolian Shepherd mix Our puppies were taken from the bottom of our driveway this morning. The lady stopped at our neighbors house to ask if they were hers but left no info to be able to follow up, so far they have not been left any where closer to home. They are wearing matching black and floral collars.
Lost or Found: Lost

Date Lost/Found: Dec 31, 2021

Location Last Seen: Sagle
Description: Lost male German Shepherd off of s sagle rd. In tacked male, mostly black with some brown and tan legs. Bright orange collar with names and numbers on it. Very family friendly pup but also very protective. We would really love to have our boy home with us again