Meet the dogs of BTAA | Short Stories by Sandpoint High School’s Creative Writing Class

Please Note: These stories are creative writing pieces from Sandpoint High School students. Not all the information portrayed may be accurate. Please give us a call if you have any questions about the animals mentioned.

Belle (Adopted)

I bolted across the grassy field. I could feel the wind between my ears. Whenever I’m outside, I feel like a real dog. Things are just better out here, smelling all the different scents and seeing all the colors, yellow, green, red, all the beautiful parts of nature. One day I met a little friend out here. She was a little bluebird named Azure.
Azure and I would meet up outside and take fun adventures. We would see all there was to the beautiful place the humans called “Sandpoint.”

One day I was talking to Azure in Animalism, and we started talking. “I once had an owner. Our friendship was like no other.” Azure told me.
“What did you guys do?” I asked, curious.
“Everyday he would feed me and talk to me. Like the humans do at your shelter, but our bond was more special.” She tweeted.

I wondered what it was like to have that kind of connection. I made little snorting noises of happiness, only to cover my snout in embarrassment.

“Haha, Miss Piggy!” Azure made fun of me, so I likely pushed against her little bird chest to get her to stop. From then I got the nickname, “Miss Piggy.” But, I always
thought about her account of her human friend. I wondered what it would be like to run in the fields with a human, to have my fur pet by one of their strange but interesting hands.

One day I was sitting by the window. The sunlight blazed through the window. The rays felt good on my pelt, warming me from the coldness. And then I saw a figure approaching the shelter, almost like someone I knew. One of the shelter humans approached them and spoke kindly, and the new human went up to me. The human pet my ears, touched my fur. I never felt so comforted. And that’s when I realized that human was you.
Love, Belle.
P.S. Adopt me!

Leroy (Adopted)

Dear potential human owner,
It was a long time ago when I was born… I remember opening my eyes and seeing the fuzzy world around me. An explosion of colors, a beautiful place to explore…! I couldn’t wait to see what was in the future for me. The water, the feel of the fresh air, the stone and dirt beneath my paws, all of it was new and amazing sensations! I learned what it was like to feel all these things. But things are never perfect, something I also learned when I was young.

At first I was scared when the people came to take me. They came to me entrapped in a big shiny stone, the color of gravel. I was terrified! Soon they took me to their den. But instead of hurting me, they washed my fur, gave me tasty food, even brushed behind my ears! This was a kind of heaven I hadn’t experienced before. Soon enough, I met other little doggy and cat friends like me. We would play all day and all night, and I came to learn that this place
was called “shelter.”

But one day I saw something I hadn’t seen before. I saw a dog, like me, with a human. The human threw what seemed to be a bone and the doggy chased after it gleefully. He grabbed the bone with his wide jaws and zoomed back to his happy human.

“Oh, that’s Buster and his human owner.” One of the kitties living here at the shelter said to me. Human owner? It didn’t seem like he was just owning this dog. The incredible shimmer in the strange eyes of the human seemed to tell a different tale. So, like a cat instead of a dog, I got curious. When no one was looking, I went
out of the back door and followed this dog and his “owner.” I leaped over rivers, ran over grassy terrain, and followed trails. There I saw a big beautiful den of the human and his happy dog playing in his house.

This display of companionship didn’t discourage me, though. I knew that sometime, someday, I would have a beautiful friendship like that dog did with his owner. Now, I frolic in the fields of what is known to humans as Sandpoint, waiting to find the right person for me, dreaming of our lives together! And of course wanting the most belly rubs I can get out of my owner. But throughout my life, I always had hope.

So as I end off my little letter, I want you all to know that I am very cute, love pets and cuddles, and would be the perfect dog for you.
Sincerely, Leroy

Dairy Queen (Adopted)

To me, life is about discovery. Whether it be walking on lands never before seen, or finding the most precious of toys, the feeling of finding these new things is nothing short of a reward in itself. Even at the age of two, I still hold on to that fiery energy of my younger days. The energy that pushes me to see the entirety of this world, no stone unturned. They say curiosity kills the cat, but without curiosity, can a cat even be called a cat?

There is one thing just as good as discovery, however, and that is to discover with friends. For a memory shared with others is far more memorable than alone. It’s because of exploration that I’ve made friends, and because of friends that I’ve explored. To express this gratitude, I’ve made a promise to my dearest companions. To be there for them and remain loyal, even when the times get tough. And once the long day’s over, the adventure finished, I can enjoy the sunset, not in solitude, but with
friends by my side.

And now that you’ve heard my thoughts, reader, I ask: “will it be you that adopts me?” Will you be the one that lets me see the world beyond the walls of my current shelter? I do not ask, I listen. For it is your decision, and your decision alone.


Hi, I’m Wally! It is such an amazing pleasure to meet you. I am a very friendly, kind and curious canine and I love and enjoy nothing more than being around my owners and exploring my surroundings. I am also a super adventurous dog who enjoys playing fetch. Furthermore, I rather spend more of my time with my owners, instead of spending time around with my fellow dog friends. Not only do I enjoy the world around me but, I also really enjoy the simple things in life. Like sniffing around and smelling flowers for example.

When I spend time with my fellow dog friends, I really enjoy hanging with them at the park. My friendly and generous nature shows that I am always ready for a scratch behind the ear or even a kind word. Although spending time with my other furry friends is fun, I tend to prefer human companionship. I am a dog who has a lot of love to give. I am looking for a home where I can live forever and be happy. I would love it if you could please adopt me before Christmas. If you choose me to bring home I will make you feel very special and I will always want to play fun games such as fetch. Finally, if you bring me home, I promise that I will bring so much love, happiness, and joy to your everyday life. I will be the perfect addition and completion to your home and family.

Love and Sincerely your forever best canine dog friend Wally,