Wafer’s Freighter | Thrift Store Delivery & Pick-up

The Better Together Animal Alliance (BTAA) Thrift Store, proudly recognized as the Bonner County Daily Bee’s Best Thrift Store in Bonner County, is thrilled to announce the introduction of pick-up and delivery services, thanks to the generous contribution from long-time supporters and their beloved standard poodle, Wafer.

Since its inception, BTAA has remained committed to its mission of supporting animals in need within the community. With a recent 3,000-square-foot expansion in 2023, the thrift store was able to accept larger items such as furniture. However, the absence of pick-up and delivery services hindered the organization’s ability to cater to customer requests effectively.

Recognizing this gap, dedicated supporters of BTAA stepped forward with an inspiring solution. In honor of their cherished companion, Wafer, they graciously offered to purchase a box truck for the thrift store. This transformative gift, now fondly referred to as “Wafer’s Freighter,” enables BTAA to provide convenient pick-up and delivery services for donated goods, facilitating seamless transactions for customers and expanding the store’s impact within the community.

“We are immensely grateful to Wafer and his human companions for their extraordinary generosity,” Paige McGowan, BTAA development director, said. “Their contribution not only enhances our thrift store operations but also symbolizes the spirit of compassion and dedication that underpins our organization’s mission.”

By choosing to donate furniture to BTAA, individuals not only support animals in need but also contribute to environmental sustainability. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 12 million tons of furniture were added to landfills in 2023 alone. Each donation made to BTAA helps reduce waste, provides affordable furniture retail options for our community, and helps animals in need.

To schedule a pick-up or learn more about BTAA’s Thrift Store and donation process, please contact 208-263-0706 or visit bettertogetheranimalalliance.org.