Create and support meaningful connections by enhancing the lives of dogs, cats and the people in our community who love them.

At Better Together Animal Alliance, we support people and animals because we believe in the human-animal bond. Our programs, services, and culture are focused on one thing: keeping people and pets together. We believe that people and their pets are better together and that animal care centers should be resource centers for communities and that animal shelters should be reserved for sick and injured animals and animals with nowhere else to go. 

Our programs and services focus on:

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Thanks for your support…

When dogs stay at Better Together Animal Alliance, they receive important medical treatment, compassionate care from our staff, enrichment activities, and daily walks and time outside. We’re able to provide these services thanks to generous donors such as the Sandra Powell Trust. We will honor the memory of Sandra by continuing on our mission, to better the lives of cats and dogs in our community. Thank you Sandra for caring about the lives of animals during your life, and supporting organizations such as ours.

For more stories of pet owners about what we do, listen to their stories by watching the videos below:

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